Information on passangers rights
801 044 080 – for fixed-line connections (in accordance with operator's tariff)
22 460 40 80 – for mobile phones connections
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Rzecznik Praw Pasażera Kolei

World Consumer Day - We are all consumers

World Consumer Day is celebrated every year on 15 March. This time its slogan is We are all consumers. We become consumers when we shop, use the bank or travel by train.

2019 annual report by the Railway Passenger Rights’ Ombudsman

263 applications to start a proceeding and 184 other applications were filed with the Railway Passenger Rights’ Ombudsman in 2019. 30% of the proceedings were the appeals against no-ticket penalties, 24% - requests for compensation for late or cancelled trains and 19% - requests for reimbursement for unused tickets. Those are the details from the annual report by Railway Passenger Rights’ Ombudsman for 2019.

The Year of the Rail Passenger Rights Ombudsman

Almost 300 cases, including over 170 conciliatory proceedings, are the effects of one year’s work by the Rail Passenger Rights Ombudsman. One year ago, on 1 February 2017, Mr. Ignacy Góra, President of the Office of Rail Transport, appointed Ms Joanna Marcinkowska to the position of Ombudsman.

The Meeting of the Rail Passenger Rights Ombudsman with Railway Operators

Ms. Joanna Marcinkowska, Rail Passenger Rights Ombudsman, and Mr. Radosław Pacewicz, Vice President of the Office of Rail Transport, met in the ORT office with representatives of the railway market operators. The objective of the meeting was to discuss the first period in operation of the Ombudsman and call attention to the most frequently repeated cases of complaints.


Rail Passenger Rights Ombudsman

Al. Jerozolimskie 134
02-305 Warszawa
Information on passenger rights:

Monday - Friday
08:15 - 16:15

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